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The Right Builder

Your home is one of your most important investments, so it's crucial you find a builder who listens to your needs, who you can trust, and who ensures quality. Here are a few things to consider when interviewing potential builders:

  1. Lifestyle considerations
    Every family lives in their home differently. Do you spend the majority of your time outdoors? Do you want a public workspace for your kids’ homework time? Do you need extra garage space for your hobbies? Your builder needs to dig deep into your lifestyle to design a space that you’ll love and utilize. A reputable builder can prove his/her personalization through a portfolio of past work and floor plans.
  2. Realistic expectations
    We instruct clients that the can choose two of three options as priorities: price, size and amenities. This is a realistic view to ensure the client knows and establishes parameters and a wants/needs list. Any builder that sounds too good to be true – probably is.
  3. Lot/land information
    The right builder can provide information about the integrity, pros and cons of a particular piece of land. For example, the slope of the lot may be perfect for a senior couple looking to build a tiered landscape but might be a poor choice for a family with young children looking for yard space.
  4. Experience
    To ensure the best home possible, hire a builder with experience in the industry and in the community. Their relationships with contractors and professional associations are important in creating superior products.
  5. References
    Don’t be afraid to ask for references for the builders you are considering. A reputable builder will have a list of satisfied clients that are willing to discuss their building experience with others.

If you're searching for a builder, we’d be happy to discuss your visions and plans to see if we'd be a good fit for the design and build of your future home.