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Our Process

Yorktown Builders provides personalized service to make the home-building process as comfortable as possible for our clients. We use a tested method to ensure quality, attention to detail, personalization and market value. The design concept utilized by our team is a unique service offered at no cost to our clients. This step is crucial to the development of a dream concept that is also workable in structure and budget.

First, we evaluate your priorities and needs, and establish your home building parameters. Essentially, the three main pieces of a home concept make up a triangle, with the three sides labeled as (1) price, (2) square footage/size and (3) amenities – with the rule being that the client may choose only two as priorities.

  • Have an unlimited budget? Then you can have the highest-end amenities in as many square feet as you’d like.
  • Large family? If you need multiple bedrooms in a large space but have a budget cap, then the amenities will be the lowest priority.
  • High-end taste with a specific budget? Then we’ll build you a beautiful home with optimum finishes – with size as the lowest priority.

Once we establish your needs and wishes, we follow these steps:

  • Laura works with you and your family to select a lot or land based on price, location and market value (both now and in the future.)
  • Laura and Steve then work closely with you and the architect to design your home – again making sure that your home is personalized to you while ensuring future resale value.
  • The design goes out to bid.
  • After the bids are received, we share the price with you, and sign the construction contract.
  • Greg then breaks ground and begins building your dream home.

If you’re curious about the Yorktown process, feel free to contact us at PHONE or EMAIL. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.