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Yorktown Builders, LLC

The Yorktown Builders team is designed with you in mind. With Yorktown, you’ll find building, design and real estate experience in one place. You can rest assured that our combined expertise results in beautiful, excellent homes designed both for you and with future marketability in mind. We walk you through each step – from your vision of your perfect dream home to the final touches – to ensure your home is crafted well, crafted beautifully and crafted to last the test of time. We also ensure the entire process is as easy for the buyer as possible.

Steve Murphy

With more than 40 years of building experience, Steve Murphy has experience that all of our owners benefit from when it comes to designing and building an ideal home. As the senior team member of the Yorktown Builders team, Steve provides oversight and valuable knowledge to the design process. From the very beginning of the project, Steve advises clients toward a blend of amenities, costs and value to create the home to match your desires. From crafting budget driven to amenity driven homes, Steve’s knowledge base and experience provides even the most exclusive buyer with the service they require. A graduate of the University of Tulsa and a native of the Tulsa area, Steve is an expert in the Tulsa residential market.

Greg Grunewald

Greg Grunewald is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and has built homes for 17 years. With a background in corporate analytics at Tulsa-based Williams Co., Greg’s methodical and systematic skills provide individuals and families with the confidence in knowing that their home will be built with experienced oversight regarding budgets, finishes, fixtures, personalization and structural integrity. A native of the Tulsa area, Greg and his wife Laura live in the Jenks area with their three boys.

Laura Grunewald

Laura Grunewald is a licensed realtor with 20 years of experience in the Tulsa market. She earned her real estate license while attending Oklahoma State University and after graduation, she began working with Tulsa-area buyers in seeking or building homes. For the Yorktown Builders team, Laura works with the client to find an ideal lot or land, taking location, price and marketable value into consideration. She then works directly with the client and Steve Murphy in the design process, providing insight regarding resale value and appeal to the Tulsa market, when it comes to considering fixtures, finishes and size.